Portrait of Katherine Bartos taken by Andrew Bowling

Portrait of Katherine Bartos taken by Andrew Bowling.


My name is Katherine Bartos, currently 21 years old, and my hometown is Sabattus, Maine. I’m now in my fourth year at the University of Maine and this is my second year as a New Media major. I am part of the leadership team of a christian group on campus called Cru.

If I somehow find some free time in between studying my day away, working hard at the bookstore, or preparing for Cru meetings, I enjoy watching a good movie, listening to some tunes or snapping some photos. Traveling and getting to see new places is one of my favorite things to do. I have been lucky to have spent my summer in Michigan, go to Europe in the fall, and I went to Hawaii over winter break.

Creative Statement

Becoming a New Media major has opened a whole different world to me. I have been able to express my artistic side more freely and have enjoyed it. New Media has helped me to discover part of who I am and I have found some of my interests include photography, web/graphic design, and working with social media. Taking photos, designing a blog or webpage, and exploring the different things that go viral on social media, are all fascinating to me. I hope to get a career someday where I can use these skills and grow them even more.

All of the new media strategies are important, but I find visualizing, crowdsourcing, and networking most interesting. I am very into taking photos that are appealing to the eye and creating visuals. I find crowdsourcing interesting because I enjoy spreading information through social media and engaging with others. Networking is a strategy I plan to use in the future when I am looking to get a job after I graduate. I have made connections over the years, and it is fascinating how I get to connect with more and more people every year.